Reflecting & Renewing Our Promises

With the holidays here, we're reflecting on the past year with you - because transparency is always a top priority on our sustainability journey. We're continuing to ship orders in 100% recycled poly bags and are pleased to offer a 20% discount to participants in our in-store recycling program, which celebrated its one-year anniversary in August! This year we started using organically farmed cotton, which helps reduce energy consumption and conserve water, among other things. We also started using natural, renewable fibers like Lyocell (you’ll find it in a lot of our shiny holiday pieces!), linen and bamboo, but wanted to make sure they came from 100% sustainable sources before sharing their benefits with you. (Told you transparency was big for us.)

Another Reason to Enjoy Sweater Season

You already know our sweaters are soft but that's not their only feel-good factor. We make about 80% of our sweaters with made-to-order yarn that's then used to knit each panel with mathematical precision. Translation: There is no waste in the form of leftover scraps or yarn.

Happy (re)New Year

As we head into 2023, we're hard at work perfecting our first-ever recycled cashmere (!) for fall, and continue to look for additional fibers we can recycle. Finally, we're getting closer to finding a one-stop shop that supplies organic cotton and blends it on site, thereby eliminating the need for pollution-causing transportation. Our search has taken us to Greece, where we hope to manufacture certain fall 2023 products.

Fabric For Feeling Good

From never-not-soft signature layers to seasonal newcomers, each of our fabrications is designed to deliver a boot of comfort and ease.

Best-Selling Classics

The always-in-style staples that'll see you through the whole season, every season.