Quality at Cottonbuds Inc is made as a vital force and not a driving force. Devoid of any setback in performing every single step of quality check from the initial inspection followed by online inspection till the final random inspection plying to the demands of varying clientele base with commitment for quality enforces our business worth.

Specialized machineries and instructors with ongoing technological development are embedded for the quality check in the manufactured products for best domino effect of our committed service.

Acclaiming our various efforts taken to maintain quality management, eco-friendly fabrication and social accountability we have been certified with the following honors.

Fabric Complies & Raw Material

We have been certified with the following for the best act in accordance with fabrics and raw materials in our manufacturing process

System Certification

With regard to the best use of system and technology within our business process Cottonbuds Inc is certified with the following

Social Accountability Standards

Our organizations various social welfare measures taken in improvising the society have honored us with the following certifications

SGS Certification

Our core strength apart from the various other certifications and honors we at Cottonbuds Inc with respect to the quality team our products are inspected and certified with SGS certification before delivering our products on basis of our individual client requirements.